IL-9 and Th9 in parasite immunity

Licona-Limón, P., Arias-Rojas, A., & Olguín-Martínez, E. (2016). IL-9 and Th9 in parasite immunity. Seminars in Immunopathology, 39(1), 29?38. doi:10.1007/s00281-016-0606-9


Interleukin-9 is a cytokine classically related to type 2 immune responses whose cellular identity has been recently reevaluated to identify a new specialized T helper subset called Th9 and an innate source referred as innate lymphoid cell type 2. Over the past years, IL-9 has been associated with allergic responses, tumor immunology, and autoimmunity; however, in this review, we will specifically focus on the role of IL-9 and Th9 cells in the context of parasitic infections. We will summarize and discuss all the evidence relating IL-9 expression and function in parasitic infections with a particular emphasis in helminth infections, an important health issue in developing countries; we will also provide a general description and classification of parasites, the immune response and cellular compartments activated in this context, and its implications and future directions towards a complete understanding of this interesting new T helper subset and its potential therapeutic use.

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