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Meza, G; Torres-Ruiz, NM; Tirado-Gutierrez, C; Aguilera, P (2011)


BRAZ J OTORHINOLAR 77(5):573-576
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Streptomycin and aminoglycoside derivatives are commonly used to treat tuberculosis and other stubborn infections; these drugs may alter auditory and/or vestibular function. Mutations in mitochondrial DNA have been associated with hypersensitivity to aminoglycosides; no studies have been conducted in Mexicans, which are very prone to such alterations because aminoglycosides have been prescribed carelessly for many years, irrespective of the ailment to be treated.Aim: We investigated "hot spot" mutations described previously as causing inner ear alterations.Methods: Hot spot mutations at the 12S rRNA gene and the tRNA Serine (UCN) gene were screened by PCR-RFLP and sequencing in 65 subjects undergoing audiological and vestibular testing. Study Design: Experimental.Results: 32 individuals had healthy auditory and vestibular function, whereas 33 subjects had auditory affections. We found none of the previously reported mutations related to aminoglycoside hypersensitivity, or non-syndromic hearing loss. Two hearing-impaired patients that had been treated with streptomycin had the T1189C variant of the mitochondrial 12S rRNA region.Conclusion: Mutations related to hearing loss in other ethnic backgrounds were not found in Mexicans. However, the T1189C variant is possibly a putative mutation related to aminoglycoside hypersensitivity and was present in 2 patients.