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Moreno-Blas, Daniel; Gorostieta-Salas, Elisa; Castro-Obregon, Susana (2018)


Ageing Res. Rev. 41():34-41
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Chaperone-mediated autophagy (CMA) is one of the main pathways of the lysosome-autophagy proteolytic system. It regulates different cellular process through the selective degradation of cytosolic proteins. In ageing, the function of CMA is impaired causing an inefficient stress response and the accumulation of damaged, oxidized or misfolded proteins, which is associated with numerous age-related diseases. Deficient protein degradation alters cellular proteostasis and activates signaling pathways that culminate in the induction of cellular senescence, whose accumulation is a typical feature of ageing. However, the relationship between CMA activity and cellular senescence has been poorly studied. Here, we review and integrate evidence showing that CMA dysfunction correlates with the acquisition of many hallmarks of cellular senescence and propose that loss of CMA function during aging promotes cellular senescence.