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Ayala-Guerrero L; Claudio-Galeana S; Furlan-Magaril M; Castro-Obregon S (2023)


Subcell Biochem 102():7-51
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Nuclear structure influences genome architecture, which contributes to determine patterns of gene expression. Global changes in chromatin dynamics are essential during development and differentiation, and are one of the hallmarks of ageing. This chapter describes the molecular dynamics of chromatin structure that occur during development and ageing. In the first part, we introduce general information about the nuclear lamina, the chromatin structure, and the 3D organization of the genome. Next, we detail the molecular hallmarks found during development and ageing, including the role of DNA and histone modifications, 3D genome dynamics, and changes in the nuclear lamina. Within the chapter we discuss the implications that genome structure has on the mechanisms that drive development and ageing, and the physiological consequences when these mechanisms fail.