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Calahorra, Martha; Silvia Sanchez, Norma; Pena, Antonio (2012)


Yeast 29(9):357-370
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The main energetic pathways, fermentation and respiration, and the general ion transport properties of Candida albicans were studied. Compared to Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we found that in C. albicans: (a) the cell mass yield when grown in YPD was significantly larger; (b) it required longer times to be starved of endogenous substrates; (c) ethanol production was lower but significant; (d) respiration was also lower; (e) it showed a small activity of an alternative oxidase; (f) fermentation and oxidative phosphorylation seemed to compete for both ADP and NADH; and (g) NADH levels were lower. Regarding ion transport and compared to S. cerevisiae: (a) the general mechanism was similar, with a plasma membrane H(+) -ATPase that generates both a plasma membrane ?pH and a ??, the latter being responsible for driving K(+) inside; (b) its acidification capacity is slightly smaller and less sensitive to activation by high pH; and (c) the presence of K(+) results in a large activation of both respiration and fermentation, most probably due to the energy required in the process. ADP produced by H(+) -ATPase stimulation by high pH or the addition of K(+) at low pH results in the increase of both respiration and fermentation.