XI Latin American Symposium

of Chronobiology

Cholula Puebla, México. May 4-5, 2011


The Latin American Symposium of Chronobiology (LASC) is an international biennial meeting, organised by the Latin American Group of Chronobiology. In this occasion it will be hosted by the Mexican section of the group, and will be held in the town of Cholula, Puebla. This event joins scientists from Latin America, but also from North America and Europe. It is an excellent opportunity to share research results, projects and ideas on the field, to initiate collaborations and to promote the interest of students in Chronobiology.

The LASC program will include lectures, thematic sessions and poster presentations. There will also be a pre-congress course and a special session for student projects presentations


Organizing Committee

Raúl Aguilar-Roblero (Co-Chair),

Pablo Valdez (Co-Chair),

Mario Caba,

Ivette Caldelas,

Mauricio Díaz-Muñoz,

José Ramón Eguibar,

Ma. Luisa Fanjul,

Javier Velázquez,

Aída García,

Candelaria Ramírez