Francisco Fernández De Miguel

Francisco Fernández De Miguel

Neurociencia Cognitiva

BL 304

Tel. +52 55 56225622

Intereses de Investigación

Extrasynaptic communication.
Extrasynaptic release of serotonin
Visual perception of art


Member of the Juan De la Cierva Committee. Ministery of Economics and
Inovation. Spain. 2015

Co-organizer John G. Nicholls of the symposium Release of chemical
transmitters from cell bodies and dendrites of nerve cells. The Royal
Society, London. 2015

Co-organizer with John G. Nicholls of the sattelite symposium Present
and future of the study of extrasynaptic neurotransmission The Royal Society
at Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire 2015

Keynote speaker. Science without limits symposium. Lewis and Clark College
Portland, USA. 2014

Plenary Lecturer. XXIV Sitges Meeting on Statistical Mechanics Barcelona,
Spain 2014

Director of the First IBRO School of Neurosciences. La Paz, Bolivia 2012

Director of the Brain and Art project. Museo de Tlatelolco UNAM-INAH 2011-2017

Associate Editor, Frontiers in Physiology 2011-present

Visiting Professor, University of Barcelona, Spain 2010-present

Honorary Member. Spanish Olfactory Network. Spain

Plenary Lecturer. Congress of the Spanish Olfactory Network. Asturias, Spain 2010

Visiting Professor, Department of Neurobiology. Stanford Medical School 2007-2009

Member of the Government and Public Affaires Committee,
Society for Neurosicences. USA. 2004-2010

Instructor, Master Degree in Neurosciences, Pablo de Olavide University,
Seville, Spain 2004-2012

Instructor, APS Course on Neurodevelopment, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil 2004

Creator and Director, Experimenta Laboratories for Science Esucation. UNAM 2003-present

Co-organizer, IBRO School in Neuroscience, Queretaro, Mexico 2001, 2003

Visiting Professor, Department of Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford 2000

IBRO Traveling Lecture Team 1994-present

Visiting Professor. Biocenter, University of Basel, Switzerland 1994, 1998

Instructor, MBL Leech Course, Woods Hole, MA , USA. 1993-2000

Secretary. Mexican Society for Physiological Sciences, Mexico 1995-1997

Instructor, International Course on Cellular Neurobiology, UNAM, Mexico City, 1994

Trayectoria profesional

Investigador Titular C, SNI II

Instituto de Fisiología Celular (desde 1992)

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Posdoctorados y estancias

Susanna E Blackshaw (2000)

Visiting Professor, Department of Anatomy and Genetics, University of Oxford, Oxford, Inglaterra

U.J. McMahan (1997-1999. )

Visiting Professor, Department of Neurobiology, Stanford Medical School, Stanford, California, E.U.

John G. Nicholls (1989-1992)

Biocenter, University of Basel, Switzerland

Formación académica

Doctorado en Neurociencias (1989)


Maestría en Neurociencias (1986)


Biología (1979-1982)

ENEP Iztacala, UNAM, Mexico

Líneas de Investigación

Synaptic and somatic serotonin release : By combining optical and electrophysiological measurements of secretion with electron microscopy and electrophysiological recordings from synapses formed in culture, we analyze the frequency dependence of somatic and synaptic serotonin secretion from celar adn dense core vesicles. We are also interested in the role of intracellular calcium pools on each secretion mode.

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