To use NeuronGrowth as a plug-in of ImageJ, download the file Neuron_Growth.jar from this page and copy it to the "plugins" folder in the ImageJ instalation folder. NeuronGrowth was developed and tested by using version 1.43 of ImageJ.

Before you download and use the NeuronGrowth plug-in please read the Terms and Conditions section. If NeuronGrowth has been helpful to your research, please cite the following reference:

Fanti, Zian, De-Miguel, Francisco F. and Martinez-Perez, M. Elena "A method for semiautomatic tracing and morphological measuring of neurite outgrowth from DIC sequences" Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, 2008. EMBS 2008. 30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE 20-25 Aug. 2008 Page(s):1196 - 1199.

Validation Data


To validate the quality of NeuronGrowth we compared measurements obtained with the automated version of NeuronGrowth with those obtained by the same users upon application of two other software tools to the same image sequences. Phase contrast or DIC image sequences were obtained from the same neuron type when cultured on different substrates. Both types of image sequences differ in terms of their contrast, brightness, definition and signal to noise ratios. The data obtained with NeuronGrowth used in semiautomated mode or manually were similar to those obtained with other pre-validated software tools. For reference see Fanti, XXX, in the validation image sequences, the reference traces and the validatted series of images as reference are provided here:

If use any of this images, for your personal research please cite the second paper in the references section in this page.