Multiscale Characterization of Chronobiological Signals Based on the Discrete Wavelet Transform
Ciclograma: A tool for detection of Rhytmicities in Sleep/Wake Cycles
Detecting Periodic Patterns in Unevenly Spaced Gene Expression Time Series using Lomb-Scargle Periodograms
A Framework for the Analysis of Mixed Time Series/Point Process Data- Theory and Application to the Study of Physiological Tremor, Single Motor Unit Discharges and Electromyograms
Signal Analysis of Behavioral and Molecular Cycles
Searching for Biological Rhythms: Peak Detection in the Periodogram of Unequally Spaced Data
Nonparametric Comparison of Cumulative Periodograms.
Rythms and Autocorrelation Analysis
Periodograms and Spectral Estimates for Rhythm Data.
Comparisons Between Periodograms and Spectral Analysis: Do not Expect Apples to Taste Like Oranges.
Trend and Rhythm Analysis of Time-Series Data using Complex Demodulation.
Problemas in the Statistical Analysis of Biological Time Series: The Cosinor Test and the Periodogram.
Mathematical and Statistical Analysis of Circadian Rhythms.
Investigative Methodology for Chronobiology.
The Chi Square Periodogram: Its Utility for Analysis of Circadian Rhythms.
Análisis estadístico en Cronobiología.