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Moran, J; Pasantes Morales, H; Maar, TE (1994)


NEUROCHEM RES 19(4):415-420
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Taurine concentration was reduced by 40 and 65%, respectively in rat cerebellar astrocytes grown in a chemically defined medium or in culture medium containing a blocker of taurine transport (GES). Cell volume in these taurine deficient cells was 10%-16% higher than in controls. When challenged by hyposmotic conditions, astrocytes release taurine and this efflux contributes to the volume regulatory decrease observed in these cells. Taurine deficient astrocytes showed a less efficient volume recovery as compared to controls with normal taurine levels. Exposed to 50% hyposmotic medium, astrocytes with normal taurine concentration recovered 60% of their original volume whereas taurine deficient cells recovered only 30-35%. Similarly, in 30% hyposmotic medium, taurine deficient astrocytes recovered only 40% as compared to 75% in controls, No compensatory increases in the efflux of other osmolytes (free amino acids or potassium) were observed during regulatory volume decrease in taurine deficient astrocytes.