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PenaDiaz, A; Sanchez, NS; Arreguin, R; Calahorra, M (2008)


FEMS YEAST RES 8(8):1303-1312
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Debaryomyces hansenii was grown in YPD medium without or with 1.0 M NaCl or KCl. Respiration was higher with salt, but decreased if it was present during incubation. However, carbonylcyanide-3-chlorophenylhydrazone (CCCP) markedly increased respiration when salt was present during incubation. Salt also stimulated proton pumping that was partially inhibited by CCCP; this uncoupling of proton pumping may contribute to the increased respiratory rate. The ADP increase produced by CCCP in cells grown in NaCl was similar to that observed in cells incubated with or without salts. The alternative oxidase is not involved. Cells grown with salts showed increased levels of succinate and fumarate, and a decrease in isocitrate and malate. Undetectable levels of citrate and low-glutamate dehydrogenase activity were present only in NaCl cells. Both isocitrate dehydrogenase decreased, and isocitrate lyase and malate synthase increased. Glyoxylate did not increase, indicating an active metabolism of this intermediary. Higher phosphate levels were also found in the cells grown in salt. An activation of the glyoxylate cycle results from the salt stress, as well as an increased respiratory capacity, when cells are grown with salt, and a 'coupling' effect on respiration when incubated in the presence of salt.